About Thwaites Farms

Reginald Thwaites came to Canada from England as an orphan in 1909 at age 14. He worked as a farm labourer for many years before buying his first farm in 1925. He grew the farm to about 25 acres of peaches. His son Ron bought his own farm in 1946 after returning from the war. Ron grew a variety of tender fruit on about 50 acres. Ron's son John joined the farm in 1981 and under his direction expanded and diversified.

Now as the 4th generation joins the management team, Graham and Nelson have helped to expand production to include peaches, nectarines, fresh grapes, wine grapes and pears. Thwaites Farms also offers services like custom fruit packing and refrigerated logistics services. Most recently the farm was enlarged from its base in Niagara-on-the-Lake to Norfolk County by adding asparagus to the lineup.

Packing House

All of our produce, with the exception of wine grapes, goes through the packing house before it is delivered to stores.

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Our Crops

We grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables ranging from Peaches to Asparagus.

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Recommended Recipes

You don't farm for almost 100 years without discovering some amazing recipes!

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