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Our crops


Harvest: May-June
Grown in the sandy soils of Norfolk County, our asparagus is harvested daily during May and June. It is washed and cooled on site, then trucked to our packing facility in Niagara-on-the-Lake, where it is washed again more thoroughly, graded, cut to length, and packaged appropriately. Most of our production goes to Loblaw stores across eastern Canada. We do, however, sell our deliciously fresh asparagus at our own store (1984 Townline Rd, Niagara on the Lake) during the asparagus season. 

If you are interested in purchasing larger quantities for your own use, fruit stand or second-grade product for your restaurant, please contact us.

Peaches and Nectarines

Harvest: July-September
Peaches and Nectarines are almost the same thing! Nectarines are actually a sport of a peach found in nature; the only difference is no fuzz!  So on the farm, the two crops are grown the exact same way, just kept separate at harvest and packing. 

Our peaches and nectarines can be found under the Vineland Growers Brand from mid-July until mid-September in pretty much any grocery store in Canada.

Seedless Grapes

Harvest: August-September
Our seedless grapes are juicy sweet blue grapes with a taste similar to a concord grape or like Welches grape juice. They are delicious, and kids love them! 

You can find them in most retailers in Canada under the Vineland Growers Brand.


We love pears, so in 2010, we planted some, then some more! Now we are the largest pear producer in Canada.  We grow lots of the traditional “European pears” (regular pear-shaped pears), they are new varieties developed right here in Canada and are tolerant to some of the diseases commonly affecting pears. Our pears are grown at high density on a trellis, which allows us to grow more fruit per acre and be more efficient with our land. It also allows us to mechanize some of the processes, which again makes our labour more efficient and safe working from platforms instead of using ladders.

We also grow Apple Pears! These sweet and tasty fruits are large and round and have thin skin as well as sweet, juicy flesh similar to a watermelon. They can be found in late fall and through the winter. All our pears can be found in most retailers in Canada under the Vineland Growers Brand through the fall and winter until supplies run out.